Rear OverCab Hoop | JT Gladiator

ARS Rear OverCab Hoop is designed as an add-on kit for those that have the Rocklander Front Hoop installed on their Jeep JT Gladiator and wish to upgrade to the full Over The Cab system. This hoop utilizes a unique vibration dampening system that is unlike any other mounts on the market.

Features Include:
  • Fits Jeep JT Gladiator
  • Protection for the Rear Cab Corners
  • Works in Conjunction With the Front Hoop & Roof Trusses
  • Strong 2" Diameter Steel Tube
  • One Piece Design
  • Two Piece NVH Hi-Durometer Urethane Bushings
  • 3/16" Steel Base Anchors
  • Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistant Hardware
  • Finished in Black Texture Powdercoat
  • Made in the USA
The rear hoop consists of a one-piece design that secures in place using a unique [click for more...] Bed-side brackets, made out of 3/16” steel and consists of Urethane bushings, Flexural footings and corrosion resistant hardware.

The Flexural Footings coupled to our 2”OD steel support columns through 2-part Urethane bushings, providing flexural rigidity between the bed of the Gladiator and the rack system to work in unison and support the cargo structure.

Finished in black powdercoat for long lasting protection against the elements, this structure combines the mounting strength of the Jeeps frame to the completed structure of the rack for the best cargo carrying performance available

Note: The JT Gladiator Rear Cab Hoop requires the Rocklander Front Hoop (R75000) and the Rocklander Roof Trusses (R55025).

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Jeep Adventure Rack Systems

Adventure Rack Systems

ARS is dedicated to overland cargo management for Jeeps and other adventure vehicles. All of our products are made right here in the USA

Black Powdercoat

MetalCloak's Premium Black Textured Powdercoat process is detailed in this updated video.


Rear OverCab Hoop

The rear hoop is made of strong 2" x .120 wall steel tube and mounts directly to the bed that is already reinforced by the factory; this provide the strongest attachment point. The addition of this hoop adds protection to the rear of the Jeep JT Gladiator cab also. The rear hoop is black powdercoated to protect the hoop from the elements.

ARS JT Gladiator Rear OverCab Hoop

Noise Vibration Dampening Bushings

ARS JT Gladiator Rear OverCab Hoop Bushings

The Flexural Footings coupled to our 2”OD steel support columns through 2-part Urethane bushings, providing flexural rigidity between the frame and body mounts that allow the front and rear foundations to work in unison to support the cargo structure.

Tube Diameter - Size Matters

ARS uses 2" diameter tube for maximum strength. Just a simple visual comparison shows the material used for ARS components far surpasses inferior brands.

ARS Rack System Tube Size Typical Tube Rack Tube Size Gobi

What's In The Kit?

  • Rear Hoop
  • Flexural Footings
  • NVH Urethane Bushing
  • All Required Hardware
ARS JT Gladiator Rear OverCab Hoop Kit


Items Details
Compatibility 2019 + JT Gladiator
Rear Hoop 2" X .120 Wall Steel Tube
Rear Hoop Brackets 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel
Steel Coating Black Powdercoat


Requirements: The rear OverCab hoop kit requires the Rocklander Front Hoop (R75000) and the roof trusses (R55025).


Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install 1 - 2 Hours
Installation Instructions Click Here to see a full list of ARS Installation Instructions.

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