How to Adapt Generic Rockers to Metalcloak Fenders

For many Jeep owners, one of the first pieces of body armor you put on your rig was a Rocker Protection. Protecting that most vulnerable of body parts, the rocker panels, is definitely a high priority.

And like some, you may have purchased yours before you learned about Metalcloak or had any idea that Metalcloak fenders would be on your build plan.

But now you want Metalcloak fenders, and your generic rocker doesn't fit any more.

No problem.

We understand this and while we would love for you to buy our Rocker Rails, there is another solution.

All it takes to make any other manufacturer's rocker fit with the Metalcloak fenders, is some small modifications to the front (generally speaking the rear of the rocker should line up fine, no matter what brand you have, IF they are designed to line up with the stock flare - if they go all the way to the wheel well, call us.)

Here is how to do it...

Step 1 - Download this file:  Metalcloak Rocker Template - this is a PDF File and template to see where you need to cut.

Step 2 - Print the PDF on your printer at full size (do not let it reduce the printing size to "fit on paper"

Step 3 - Line up the PDF with the front of your rockers. You can do the next step by sight or you can use scissors to cut out the diagram of the rocker.

Step 4 - Using a sharpie mark the line you need to cut.

Step 5 - Using a grinder, Sawzall, or anything to cut steel, cut out the rockers, following your lines.

Step 6 - Clean it up and cover any exposed metal with paint.

There you have it. Now your rocker protection should fit with the Metalcloak fender system.

If you have any questions email info (at) or call 916-631-8071.