Metalcloak Cyber Monday Sale

MetalCloak's 2021 Thanksgiving Sale-abration & Giveaway

10% Off, Free Shipping and... $1000's in Giveaways!

It's time for the Thanksgiving Sale-bration! 10 Days of Savings and 10 Days of Giving away $$! 

Details about the sale are below. This blog is about the Giveaway! 

Every Day we will post the Gift Cert Value of the day... and at the end of the day we will choose the winner(s) to receive that day's Gift Certificate! It could be one winner it could be 4... you never know until we announce the winners. 

We will post the winner's order number here and announce it live at 8:00 AM Pacific the following morning on Facebook Live. Don't use Facebook, no problem, we will embed the video here. 

Important Notes:

  1. To enter, you just need to place an order taking advantage of the 10% Off Savings.
  2. All Orders Qualify - in 2020 there was a minimum of $100. Not this year. 
  3. The Gift Certificate has no cash value, is non transferable and cannot be used on any existing orders.
  4. Winners are chosen from that day's orders only. At midnight, the entries reset for the next day

Check back here daily for news and updates. 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - WE DID IT! Thank you!!! 

We did it... 10 days of giveaways. Thousands of dollars of gift certificates. 42 Winners (101010) including todays lucky winner and a bonus prize for an unsuspecting customer. 

Today we are giving away one Gift Cert worth $1010.10, (which happens to be binary for 42, the answer to the ultimate question according to author Douglas Adams.)

We are also thanking one amazing fan for being there every step of the way. 

  • Winner #1 - Daniel, Order # 10144664
  • BONUS Winner - $250 - Eric Ketchum


Monday, November 29, 2021 - Cyber Monday - Day 10 - $1010.10

You are being watched. We know your next move.

We thought you would be satisfied with [nine] days of sales. We were wrong.

You demand more.

We caution. You persist.

In the end, we listen.

It has begun.

Cyber Monday is here.

Any orders placed today on Cyber Monday compete for a $1010.10 Gift Cert. 

But first, we break free of the Matrix and announce the winners of Sofa Sunday's giveaway. The prize package was $1500. There are 6 winners... Six $250 Gift Certificates

  • Winner #1 - Andres, Order #10144413
  • Winner #2 - Jessica, Order #10144391
  • Winner #3 - Trent, Order #10144376
  • Winner #4 - Travis, Order #10144301
  • Winner #5 - Michael, Order #10144394
  • Winner #6 - Robert, Order #10144296

Congratulations to each of you!! Reach out to us via FB or the Contact form on our website. You will also receive a confirmation of your win to the email you used to place the order. 

Day ten, Cyber Monday, we are giving away $1010.10 

Sunday, November 28, 2021 - Sofa Sunday - Day 9 - $1500

SOFA SUNDAY... aree you thinking WTF?!?! Yea, I was too, but it makes sense and I like the concept... so I embraced it. Sorry, can'd do anything on the Honey-Do list today... it's Sofa Sunday! 

Come to think of it, why can't every Sunday be Sofa Sunday?

BTW, your response to the big giveaway was great, thank you! The giveaways are not over... today we give away $1500 from Small Business Saturday's sales. Just watch me at 8AM Pacific on Facebook Live or Instagram Live. 

And any orders placed today on Sofa Sunday qualify for another $1500 Prize Package. 

There are 6 winners... Six $250 Gift Certificates

  • Winner #1 - Brian, Order #10144172
  • Winner #2 - Jeffrey, Order #10144255
  • Winner #3 - David, Order #10144220
  • Winner #4 - Thomas, Order #10144183
  • Winner #5 - Samuel, Order #10144201
  • Winner #6 - Jesse, Order #10144244

Congratulations to each of you!! Reach out to us via FB or the Contact form on our website. You will also receive a confirmation of your win to the email you used to place the order. 

Day nine, Sofa Sunday, we are giving away another $1500

Saturday, November 27, 2021 - Small Business Saturday - Day 8 - $1500

It's time to support Small Businesses Everywhere... it "Small Business Saturday"! 

And yes, Metalcloak is still a Small Business, so we appreciate your support! ;-) 

Today is the big giveaway, though... $5000 in prizes from Black Friday. 

There are 10 winners... four getting $250; four getting $500; and two getting $1000 each!  

  • Winner #1 - Joe, Order #10144151 - $250
  • Winner #2 - Julien, Order #10144025 - $250
  • Winner #3 - Scott, Order #10143962 - $250
  • Winner #4 - Nichole, Order #10143985 - $250
  • Winner #5 - Robert, Order #10144129 - $500
  • Winner #6 - Tommy, Order #10144028 - $500
  • Winner #7 - Eric, Order #10143958 - $500
  • Winner #8 - Barry, Order #10144076 - $500
  • Winner #9 - Chris, Order #10144098 - $1000
  • Winner #10 - David, Order #10144160 - $1000

Congratulations to each of you!! Reach out to us via FB or the Contact form on our website. You will also receive a confirmation of your win to the email you used to place the order. 

Day eight, Small Business Saturday, we are giving away $1500

Friday, November 26, 2021 - Black Friday - Day 7 - $5000

It's Black Friday, what are you shopping for today? Are there any items that absolutely had to wait until today to purchase? I hope Jeep parts are on that list. ;-)

Day 7 - $5000 Giveaway, which we will do tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM Pacific. But, for today, our first task is to announce the winners of Thanksgiving's $2000 in Gift Certs, which I will do at 8:00 AM Pacific on FB Live and IG Live. 

There are four winners... each getting a $500 Gift Certificate. 

  • Winner #1 - Lael, Order #10143869
  • Winner #2 - Arron, Order #10143813
  • Winner #3 - Thomas, Order #10143786
  • Winner #4 - Ronnie, Order #10143716

Day seven, Black Friday, we are giving away $5000

Thursday, November 25, 2021 - Day 6 - $2000 


Day 6 - Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

Today is not about Metalcloak... it is not about Jeeps... it is not about great savings... it is about gathering with Family & Friends and taking the time to be Thankful... like how we are Thankful for each and everyone of you.

Today's 8AM live show on Facebook and Instgram with be a special message about Thanksgiving topped off with announcing the winners of Wednesday's Giveaway --- $1000 given away as four $250 Gift Certificates each

  • Winner #1 - Wes, Order #10143594
  • Winner #2 - Chris, Order #10143570
  • Winner #3 - Beau, Order #10143633
  • Winner #4 - Slawomir, Order #10143647

Day six, Thanksgiving Day, we are giving away $2000

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - Thanksgiving Sale-bration - Day 5 - $1000

It's Day 5... we are halfway done with this incredible weeklong event! 

Congrats to yesterdays winners! Your reactions and graciousness are incredible. But that is why we are here. I've said in the videos and I will say it again... we are BLESSED to have customers and friends like each of you.

It's also pretty special that we have technology that allows me to simply do a live post directly to all of you from our phones... incredible.

Join me at 8AM Pacific, where we will announce the winners of Tuesday's $1000 gift - 2 customers who placed their orders on Tuesday will win a $500 Gift Cert each. 

  • Winner #1 - Alan, Order #10143520
  • Winner #2 - Art, Order #10143491

Day five, Wednesday, I will have another $1000 to give away.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 - Thanksgiving Sale-bration - Day 4 - $1000 

It's Day 4! Tuesday... and Thanksgiving is only a couple days away... are you craving the turkey and stuffing yet? I'm already choosing the pants I can best fit into AFTER I gorge myself. ;-)

We loved hearing from all of you yesterday and for all your support. As I said in Monday's email (join our email list here) this week is about Thanking YOU. There are a lot that we are thankful for as a company, but none more than you. Without each and every one of you, our customers, we would not be here dreaming of turkey and stuffing. 

Okay, enough about me... today, at 8AM Pacific, I will once again be on FB and IG Live to announce the winners of Monday's $2000 gift - 4 customers who placed their orders on Monday will win a $500 Gift Cert each. 

  • Winner #1 - Heath, Order #10143355
  • Winner #2 - Wesley, Order #10143192
  • Winner #3 - Josh, Order #10143278
  • Winner #4 - Matt, Order #10143369

Day four, Tuesday, is another giveaway - $1000.

Monday, November 22, 2021 - Thanksgiving Sale-bration - Day 3 - $2000 

It's Day 3! We've had a great first couple of days and we hope you had a great weekend as well! 

We are back in the office today and feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about products before you pull the trigger for your CJ, YJ, TJ, JK, JL, JT or Ram.

Today at 8AM Pacific, I will announce on FB Live and IG Live the winners from Sunday (the video will also be attached here). The total prize for Sunday was $500, so two customers who placed their order on Sunday will win a $250 Gift Certificate.

  • Winner #1 - Derek, Order #10143100
  • Winner #2 - Will, Order #10143161

Day three, Monday, is our biggest giveaway yet - $2000.

Sunday, November 21, 2021 - Day 2 of the Weeklong Thanksgiving Sale-bration! 

Thank you all who helped kick of the weeklong Thanksgiving Sale-bration on Saturday! We had an awesome first day! Lots of customers took advantage of the great savings and a chance to win up to $1000. 

Congratulations to our two winners announced on the video above. Each getting a $500 Gift Certificate.

  • Winner #1 - Chad - Order #10143075
  • Winner #2 - Michael - Order #10143047

Congratulations to each of you! Reach out to me via FB or the Contact form on our website. You will also receive a confirmation of your win to the email you used to place the order. 

Day two is $500.

Saturday, November 20, 2021 - The Sale Begins!

It's time for our Thanksgiving Day Sale-bration, and we are going crazy with the Gift Cert Giveaways! 

Every Day I will choose an order to win the Gift Certificate of the Day!

Today's I will give away 2 Gift Certs at $500 each! Winner announced tomorrow at 8AM on Facebook live, or check back here. 

It's a Thankgiving Sale-bration! 10% Off & Free Shipping Storewide! 

The Metalcloak Thanksgiving Day Sale is All Week Long!
But That's Not All! $1000's Given Away Daily! Every day we will choose one of our awesome customers to win $1000's in gift certificates. (Watch Facebook & IG for the live announcement of the winner every morning!)
No Code Necessary for the sale, just visit to save on over 1000 products... Suspension Systems, Body Armor Systems, Skid Plate Systems and Adventure Rack Systems.
Members of the Military can save an additional 5% by using the code USAhero (verification will be done at time of processing).
Our friends in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico will get 50% off on shipping automatically.
Here is the small print: 10% Off is for Retail Sales Only. Free Shipping is for the 48 Contiguous US States Only.
Metalcloak has invested heavily in inventory. Most products are fully in stock and will ship within 1 - 2 weeks.