"DB3" Rear Control Arm Correction Bracket JK Wrangler | JL Wrangler

The MetalCloak Jeep JK & JL Wranglers "DB3" Rear Control Arm Correction Bracket system is the ONLY bolt-on solution to correct rear control arm geometry.

Features Include:
  • Works With Both JK & JL Wranglers
  • 3/16" Steel
  • CAD Designed
  • Laser Cut
  • Fully Welded
  • Angled for Approach & Departure
  • Trail-Tested Built-In Skid Plate
  • Gold Zinc Finish
  • Made in the USA
Our simple to install, Bolt-On bracket re-positions the [click for more...] rear control arms to operate within a corrected radius. This system drastically reduces the feel of bump-steer/axle steer on lifted Jeeps and provides handling characteristics comparable, if not better than a stock height Jeep.

Feel the improvement in acceleration, braking, climbing, and steering with the DB3. The DB3 is only available from MetalCloak.

Note: The DB3 is not compatible with the 392 JL Wrangler.

Note:This alignment bracket is designed to be used with Adjustable rear control arms. Not to be used with stock control arms.

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MetalCloak's Jeep Wrangler Suspension.

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Introducing the DB3

The "DB3" Rear Control Arm Correction Bracket is the ONLY bolt-on solution to correct rear control arm geometry

Why Gold Zinc?

It's time for The MetalCloak Minute... where we answer frequently asked questions in about a minute. Today's topic: Gold Zinc.

What is Corner Travel Index?

Since 2014 MetalCloak has tested thousands and thousands of rigs at events all across the county collecting specs on the build and cataloging the results. The data collected allows us to make our own products better.

FMVSS 126 Compliant

MetalCloak not only has the best off road flex, but we are also Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 126 certified and compliant. No other company can match our on- and off-road performance.


Rear Control Arm Correction Bracket "DB3"

(Give it a spin to see a 360 view)

Approach Angles and Ride Quality

Control Arm Pro'lignment Kit

Green line shows DB3 and how it tucks behind wheel for optimal approach.

Red line shows a "typical" Long arm hang up MUCH farther forward increasing the chance for hang up.

The DB3 provides superior control arm angles for a better ride AND provides better approach angles over a rear long arm all in a simple bolt on application.

Correction Bracket Features

This product adjust the roll center of your Jeep, and corrects the geometry of the control arms enabling the full use of up and down travel.

The entire bracket assembly is welded together for incredible strength, has built in approach skids, and all surfaces are angled to keep from catching on obstacles. Installs into factory locations - bolting securely in place.

MetalCloak DB3

What Does It Do?

Adding this system improves rear control arm geometry and adjusts rear axle caster for lifted JK Wranglers. The flatter the control arms are the better; the benefits are immediately felt with a smoother ride and stable handling as the roll center has been adjusted. Braking performance also improves maximizing safety along with the comfort and performance of your Jeep JK Wrangler.

Control Arm Pro'lignment Kit Correction

What's In The Kit?

  • DB3 Correction Bracket
  • Bracket Spacers
  • All Required Hardware
Whats in the Kit


Items Details
Compatibility 2007 - 2018 JK Wrangler | 2018 + JL Wrangler
Drop Bracket 3/16" Steel Sheet
Steel Coating Gold Zinc


392 JL Wrangler: The DB3 is not compatible with the 392 JL Wrangler.

Control Arms: This alignment bracket is designed to be used with adjustable rear control arms. Not to be used with stock control arms.


Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification Some Drilling
Time to Install 2 Hour
Installation Instructions Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.

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