Metalcloak to Mexico: Overland Sin Fronteras

Overland Sin Fronteras is an overland expo that takes place down in Tijuana each year. We attended and set up a booth last year, had a good time and decided to attend again this year as well, but we had the opportunity to take more rigs, so we put together a small convoy for the trip down.

This time around, we chose to bring 3 rigs down, Danny (our Facility Manager) and I from Metalcloak and the 3rd was Ryan_Utah who is part of #teammetalcloak and occasionally writes blog posts for us.

Danny's rig is the white Jeep Gladiator known as "Betty White" and mine is "Storm". Together, we departed Sacramento Thursday afternoon and drove to Hungry Valley SVRA near Gorman, CA, where we camped for the night. Friday, we popped down to Ryan’s house where we installed a Roofspace 2 RTT onto my rig for the event, then Danny and I met up with some friends and stayed in San Diego for the night.  

Saturday morning, we met up with Ryan again and headed towards the border. Crossing into Mexico was pretty easy and we didn’t get flagged for inspection which is always a concern when fully outfitted for off-road or overlanding. You always want to double check that you don't have weapons, drugs, shell casings or any other weird things that will land you in a Mexican jail.



From there, we made our way down the coast towards Ensenada to Clam beach, but stopped for some amazing fish tacos and then at the Dunes in Canta Mar for a few hours of fun and photo ops in the sand.


Clam Beach has a private access beach and RV park that Danny had connections to, so we were allowed to camp on the beach and have an amazing fire for the night. The tide came up and kissed our tires, but luckily the winds were low and she held steady without drowning our fire.


Sunday morning, we broke camp and made our way to the Monument de Toros (Bull Arena) where the Expo took place. We setup next to 7k Off-road and had a good time talking with customers all day.


Around 3pm, we packed up and made our way back to the border with Fast Passes in hand (thank you 7k Crew!). If we didn’t have fast passes, the border wait into the U.S. would have been about 5+ hours, but our passes took us to the head of the line and the total border crossing took about 20 minutes.

Once we crossed over, we said our goodbyes to Ryan, then Danny and I made our way back up to Hungry Valley for another night of camping. Monday morning was beautiful, so I did a quick overview of the Roofspace 2 Tent and then we explored the park a bit more and did some of the obstacles before the last leg of the trip north.


GREAT trip, no problems whatsoever and everything went as planned. We met some amazing people and our customers who live south of the border were very appreciative of our efforts to come down for the Expo.  There is a large amount of Jeep owners down in Mexico who are into Overland and they spare no expense on their rigs.  It was nice to see a fair amount of Metalcloak parts on some of these rigs.  We met some great folks and had a great time!

Trip Stats:

~1260 miles

~12.3 tanks of fuel (2 rigs)

~32 tacos eaten

~435 new friends



Next trip on the books is Overland Expo PNW, which will be me going solo and camping with Casey250 and bunch of other YouTuber folk. Stay tuned for lots of content coming from the show!


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