Bronco 6G Metalcloak Skid Bumper On Rocks Wheel and Backspacing

Recently some customers have asked about Tire Size limitations on the Bronco... different than Jeeps, the bronco wheel well definitely has it limitations as to what will fit and what will not. 

This chart tells the tale... if you want to go bigger in tires, you have to take into account wheels and backspacing.

Bronco SkillzDay by Metalcloak


What is Backspacing vs Off Set?

This graphic from our friends at Discount Tire gives a basic overview...

Bronco Wheel Backspace vs Off Set

As they explain on a great Bronco6G Forum Post, "offset and backspace are essentially two different ways of looking at the same thing. They determine the location of the wheel and tire assembly when bolted to the vehicles hub.

Offset is the measured distance between the hub mounting surface and the wheels center line.

With X being the determined offset, the hub mounting surface on positive offset wheels is X amount forward from the wheel center line. The hub mounting surface on negative offset wheels is X amount backwards from the wheel center line. The hub mounting surface on 0 offset wheels is the wheel center line.

Backspacing is the measurement from the hub mounting surface to the back edge of the wheel."

Read more at their post here. 

So we made this easy to use conversion chart and guide for determining what you need to consider when shooting for tire size and wheels for your Bronco 6G...

Bronco 6G Wheel Backspacing Offset Charg