Metalcloak's Off Road Tips

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NEW RELEASE! After weeks of anticipation, it's here! Metalcloak's 102 Off Road Tips -- a fun compilation of our favorite tid bits for the new or experienced off-roader.

Co-edited by our own Matson Breakey (facebook|twitter) and the world-famous Del Albright (facebook|twitter), this easy to read eBook is full of fun facts and guidance including tips on Choosing Trails, Vehicle Maintenance, Fighting for Land Use and lots more.

We have three options to download the book... ePub (for iBook), mobi (for Kindle) and PDF (for everything else). Simple click on the file you want below and it will be downloaded to your browser.

Here are a few tips on downloading and viewing...

  • PC... if you download onto your desktop, you can read by downloading the Kindle for PC reader.
  • Mac... you can download both ePub or Kindle to read. You may need to download the Kindle for Mac app. The iBook app should already be loaded on your computer.
  • Mobile Device... Access this page from your mobile device by going to Download the file. When it loads you can select it and choose which software to run it with... Kindle on Android and iPhone... ePub for iBooks on the iPhone.
  • For Print... if you want to print out the 102 Tips, download the PDF for Print version. It is an 8.5 x 11 document - 26 pages total.

FEEDBACK? Yes Please! We always are looking for feedback. If you have anything you would like to share with us about the book and ways we can make it even better, please use one of the social media links above.

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ePub for iBook .mobi for Kindle PDF For Digital PDF For Print