Join Us in the Fight for Land Use...

Access to our Public Lands is a God-Given Right that we cannot take for granted.

Below are Seven Steps you can follow to make an impact in the Fight For Land Use.

Doing at least one step is great and that truly makes you Above Average.

Doing two steps makes you Unique. At five steps, you're a Champion.

But, doing All Seven Steps makes you a TRUE WARRIOR for Land Use!

Being Above Average is great and we appreciate it... but we need THOUSANDS OF TRUE WARRIORS if we are going to win this fight.

Which do you choose to be?


JOIN everything you can afford to join and that makes sense to you.


ADVOCATE for your trail and favorite sport and riding areas.


INCLUDE OTHERS in your sport such as reporters and neighborhood friends and family.

  • Del Albright's website has a ton of info on how to include others and do ride alongs.

LETTERS - write them when asked; speak to your personal experience and your dreams of future trails.


BUY ONLY from businesses that support land use and our trails. Ask before you buy.

  • Visit organizational websites and raffle listings to see what businesses support land use efforts.
  • Visit businesses in your area, such as MetalCloak, and talk to the folks about land use to get a feel for their commitment. Check their shop for land use logos and handouts.
  • If they don't support land use TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.

ADOPT A TRAIL with your group or club and make it an example for others to follow.


BE PART OF THE SOLUTION: help your local, state and national associations get better; voice your opinion; be in the land use game