blue MetalCloak logo with yellow Jeep Wrangler and Mammut rooftop tent in the desert withh mountains and bushes and brown soil witha ladder coming out of the tent and a trunk extender with portable cooler

Are You A Rocklander?

[overlander + rock crawler = freedom]

Rocklanding is the ultimate off-road experience. Full Rock Crawler… Full Overland… fully capable on the Rubicon or living in Death Valley. Metalcloak is the ultimate solution to find Freedom no matter what the the adventure ahead brings you...

What is Rocklanding?

Rocklanding is the next evolution of Overlanding... but What is Overlanding?

Overlanding is all about the thrill of the journey, not just the destination. It's an adventure on wheels where you get to explore the less-traveled paths, steering through remote areas with your vehicle. Think of it as a road trip on steroids, where the focus is on diving deep into nature, experiencing the great outdoors, and making the journey itself the main event. Whether it's for a weekend getaway or a months-long voyage into the unknown, overlanding is your ticket to adventure beyond the typical tourist trails.

orange Jeep JT Gladiator and red JT Gladiator with Adventure Rack Systems roof racks and rooftop tent and black powdercoated MetalCloak fenders skidplates and rocker rails in the desert with red and brown soil and cliffs in background
white Jeep JT Gladiator with bacl ARS roof rack and black MetalCloak and ARS decals carrying mountain bikes and a red fire extinguisher in a campground with tent behind and green trees on dirt

How to Build a RockLander?

Like any rig, the build takes a plan... and an idea of what you want to do first. And while there are many variations including tire size, lift size, method of camping, methods of carrying goods, here are the basic parameters of a RockLander build:

  1. Performance Lift Kit
  2. Larger Off-Road Tires
  3. Performance Off-Road Wheels
  4. Rack System
  5. Aftermarket Bumper System
  6. Winch
  7. Protective Skids

Metalcloak is uniquely positioned as a premier provider of Body Armor and Suspension Systems to serve the RockLanding Community.

Why Go Metalcloak?

Metalcloak brings you Freedom. Our Rocklanding & Overlanding Suspension Systems provide the best on-road quality, the most comfortable performance on rough dirt roads, and the most flex of any production suspension system on the market today.

Metalcloak's patented Duroflex performance bushings provide the best on-road vibration dampening and the most flex combined with precision manufacturing and industry leading True Dual Rate coil springs to make the ideal Overlanding suspension system.

Available in 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5" Lifts, the Metalcloak Overlanding Rocklander Suspension System is ideally suited for your Adventure.

red Jeep with vlack MetalCloak powdercoated fenders and gold axle and control arms crawling over large and small rocks on dirt trail in the mountains with pine trees and a blue vehicle in the background

What About Bumpers and Skids?

Metalcloak's Frame-Built Bumper System provides a stylish and functional aftermarket solution for clean winch management and Rocklanding strength. Available in multiple configurations, the Bumper System is modular allowing for the design that best suits you.

But protecting the front and rear of your rig is not enough. A true RockLander protects the underbelly too... your rig has many vulnerabilities and a full and complete Skid Plate system is a requirement for hitting the tough rocky trails like the famous Rubicon.

Metalcloak's Undercloak Skid Plate system is the most complete and strongest production skid plates on the market - providing complete protection to you ideal RockLanding JK, JL, JT or Bronco.

RockLander Suspension Systems

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