2024 ModernJeeper Off-Road Event Calendar, MetalCloak Edition

The ModernJeeper Calendar is truly the "go to" source for planning your 2024 4x4 Adventures; events are listed from around the country big and small.

The 2024 ModernJeeper Off-Road Event Calendar, featuring...
  • Calendar Size: 12" x 9" (Closed) 12" x 18" (Open)
  • Over 100 Events with Location and Contact Information
  • 12 Months of Jeeps in Spectacular Locations
A Perfect Gift for the Off-Roader In Your Life!

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2024 ModernJeeper Off-Road Event Calendar

Off Road Calendar 2024 Cover
The ModernJeeper Calendar is back for 2024!

The SideKick Off Road Event Calendar lives on as the ModernJeeper Off-Road Event Calendar, with over 100 event listings -- making this calendar the best source to plan out your 2024 Off-Road Adventures!

From club runs, to vendor events and expos, to off-road racing; if it's happening, ModernJeeper tries to find it and let you know.
This is the perfect gift for the off-road enthusiast!

Presented by ModernJeeper.com, each month features an epic full-color picture from one of twelve leading manufacturers in the Off-Road industry.

Whether it wheeling through Moab Utah, or on the world famous California Rubicon Trail; what better way to dream about your next adventure than with a full color calendar at your desk or in your home.
Maroon JL Wrangler With ARS Rack On Cliff Overlooking Moab

Color coded lines help show the duration of events that have multiple days to make your planning easier.

ModernJeeper Off Road Event Planning Calendar Month

The 2024 ModernJeeper Off Road Event Calendar has twelve full-color epic photos [pictured here] and over 100 Off Road Events [including contact information] from across the country.

Off Road Calendar Back


Items Details
Calendar Size Closed 12" X 9"
Calendar Size Open 12" X 18"
Events Over 100 Off Road Events

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